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Eye Care

Acivir® Eye Ointment

Acivir® Eye OintmentAcivir® eye ointment is an ophthalmic treatment for the eye infection (keratitis...Read more

From USD 12.08 per ointments

Alphagan® Eye Drops

Alphagan® Eye DropsAlphagan® eye drops is an ophthalmic treatment used to lower the high intraocula...Read more

From USD 34.65 per bottle

Alphagan® P Eye Drops

Alphagan® P Eye DropsAlphagan® P eye drops are a strong antiglaucoma drug for elevated pressure insid...Read more

From USD 32.03 per bottle

Alphagan® Z Eye Drops

Alphagan® Z Eye DropsAlphagan® Z is a potent antiglaucoma drug in the eye drops form. It is used to t...Read more

From USD 31.50 per bottle

Alphagan Ophthalmic Solution

Alphagan Ophthalmic SolutionAlphagan ophthalmic solution is an antiglaucoma treatment used for high intraocu...Read more

From USD 33.60 per bottle

Azopt® Eye Drops

Azopt® Eye DropsAzopt® ophthalmic suspension is an antiglaucoma medication used to treat POAG (p...Read more

From USD 38.85 per bottle

Betagan Ophthalmic Solution

Betagan Ophthalmic SolutionGeneric Betagan is an effective preparation which is taken in treatment of glauc...Read more

From USD 27.30 per bottle

Bimat® Eye Drops

Bimat® Eye DropsBimat® eye drops are an ophthalmic treatment used to manage eyelash hypotrichosi...Read more

From USD 35.18 per bottle

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic SolutionBimatoprost is indicated for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in p...Read more

From USD 57.75 per bottle

Brimodin® Eye Drops

Brimodin® Eye DropsBrimodin® eye drops are a potent antiglaucoma medication, used to treat ocular h...Read more

From USD 34.13 per bottle

Careprost® Eye Drops

Careprost® Eye DropsCareprost® eye drops are used to treat primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) and ey...Read more

From USD 35.39 per bottle

Ciplox® Eye and Ear Drops

Ciplox® Eye and Ear DropsCiplox® ophthalmic and otic solution is indicated for the treatment of bacterial...Read more

From USD 8.40 per bottle

Combigan® Eye Drops

Combigan® Eye DropsCombigan® eye drops are a potent ophthalmic medication for lowering increased IO...Read more

From USD 38.33 per bottle

Cyclomune® Eye Drops

Cyclomune® Eye DropsCyclomune® eye drops are an ophthalmic treatment for chronic dryness of the eyes...Read more

From USD 43.05 per bottle


DiamoxDiamox is a sulfa drug, helping to control fluid secretion. Diamox is used for g...Read more

From USD 1.53 per pill

FML® Liquifilm

FML® LiquifilmFML® Liquifilm is an ophthalmic medication used to treat conjunctivitis and othe...Read more

From USD 13.65 per bottle

Latisse Ophthalmic Solution

Latisse Ophthalmic SolutionLatisse eye drops are a medication for eyelash hypotrichosis (weak and brittle e...Read more

From USD 34.97 per bottle

Lumigan® Eye Drops

Lumigan® Eye DropsLumigan® ophthalmic solution is aimed to treat the most common type of glaucoma ...Read more

From USD 49.35 per bottle

Nyolol® Eye Drops

Nyolol® Eye DropsNyolol® ophthalmic solution is effectively used in diminishing intraocular press...Read more

From USD 11.55 per bottle

Pilocar® Eye Drops

Pilocar® Eye DropsPilocar® ophthalmic solution is the drug of choice for emergency lowering of int...Read more

From USD 11.03 per bottle

Pred Forte® Eye Drops

Pred Forte® Eye DropsPred Forte® suspension is a sterile, topical anti-inflammatory medication for op...Read more

From USD 18.38 per bottle

Restasis® Eye Drops

Restasis® Eye DropsRestasis® ophthalmic emulsion is used to treat chronic dry eye disease due to in...Read more

From USD 186.90 per pack

Timol-P® Eye Drops

Timol-P® Eye DropsTimol-P® eye drops are an ophthalmic medication used for treating ocular hyperte...Read more

From USD 22.58 per bottle

Timolast® Gel Forming Eye Drops

Timolast® Gel Forming Eye DropsTimolast® gel forming eye drops are used for diminishing high tension inside the...Read more

From USD 23.10 per bottle

Timoptic Ophthalmic Solution

Timoptic Ophthalmic SolutionTimoptic ophthalmic solution is used to diminish elevated intraocular pressure (...Read more

From USD 22.05 per bottle

Toba® Eye Drops

Toba® Eye DropsToba® ophthalmic solution is used for treatment of external eye infections, such...Read more

From USD 15.75 per bottle

Tobacin® Eye and Ear Drops

Tobacin® Eye and Ear DropsTobacin® eye and ear drops are an ophthalmic treatment for bacterial infections ...Read more

From USD 16.28 per bottle

Tobrex® Eye Drops

Tobrex® Eye DropsTobrex® is an ophthalmic solution designed specifically for topical treatment of...Read more

From USD 16.80 per bottle

Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution

Tobrex Ophthalmic SolutionTobrex eye drops are a topical treatment for external eye infections, including ...Read more

From USD 15.23 per bottle

Tropicamet® Eye Drops

Tropicamet® Eye DropsTropicamet® ophthalmic solution is commonly used for dilating the pupil (mydrias...Read more

From USD 20.48 per bottle

Vigamox® Eye Drops

Vigamox® Eye DropsVigamox® solution is an ophthalmic anti-infective medication designed in a form ...Read more

From USD 37.28 per bottle

Zymar® Eye Drops

Zymar® Eye DropsZymar® ophthalmic solution is an effective medication for those who suffer from ...Read more

From USD 12.60 per bottle

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